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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

COUNTING MY BLESSINGS (9): Gas Station Roses

My husband has taken some interesting jobs in his lifetime.  While Mike was busy in school and I was busy popping out babies, he had to be creative with his employment.  Among the most 'interesting' was when he worked for the coroner's picking up dead bodies, and when he subsidized our income as a limousine driver. 

Because of his long work and school schedule during those years, he often came home in the wee hours of the morning.  I would occasionally wake up to find a single rose, wrapped in clear cellophane with a paper ribbon bow, sitting in a glass of water on my dresser or on the dining room table.  These were those roses that they sell at the register inside of gas stations that Mike would pick up when he was putting gas in the car. 

At first I teased Mike about bringing me 'gas station roses.'  Every girl likes to be given flowers - it's just one of those romantic things that we all enjoy.  But receiving a $2.99 flower that sits in a container next to variety packs of condoms, gum, and those tiny 5 hour energy drink bottles seemed funny at the time.  I suspect their real purpose was for the knuckleheads who thought that buying one for their date would help them get lucky. 

Mike eventually figured out that ordering flowers got him more brownie points, and I eventually stopped receiving my gas station roses.  It was a bittersweet upgrade, though.  Receiving a designer bouquet that takes thought and planning is always a special treat, but maybe not quite as special as the spontaneous presentation of a single flower picked up at the end of a grueling day of school and work when most husbands would be thinking of themselves. 

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