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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

COUNTING MY BLESSINGS (8): Inquiring Minds

"What does 'realize' mean," one of the grandkids asked me this past week when I used it in a sentence.  "It means ... well, it means ... um, to figure something out."  "Oh, why didn't you say that?"

I remember when every sentence contained something new to think about, and television and movies opened up new worlds full of exciting of ideas.  Then I got old-ish, and it seems like there just isn't that much new and shiny around.  But that's not really true. 

In addition to conventional education, over the years I have taken or taught workshops and courses in art, piano, textiles, knitting, spinning, leadership, communication, diversity, operational management, scrapbooking, child-rearing, quilting, cooking, dog training, and a potpourri of other subjects.  I'm fairly sure my appetite for learning comes from my Mom, who was always teaching herself how to do the next great thing.  (She once taught herself how to make Victorian doll house furniture from dog food cans.)  Right now she's writing a cooking course for children.  She heard about e-publishing, and is all worked up about that.

If my brain is like a computer, then my hard drive is going to eventually run out of space or memory.  Unless someone invents a flash drive that plugs into my ear or a way to connect an external hard drive so that I can download some of that data, I wonder if I should begin rationing what I fill my mind with? 

Not a chance.  I'll just keep learning and trying new things until an upgrade comes out.

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